Enchanted Forest

This is one forest we wouldn’t mind getting lost in! Combine shapes and colors to create your own magical grove.


Left to right: Onion in Wrap pattern, Celadon color; Globe in Primavera pattern, Aurora color; Small Gumdrop in Lace pattern, Tourmaline/Aurora colorway; Lozenge in Wrap pattern, Bottle Green color; Globe in Half-Wrap pattern, Steel Blue color; and Large Gumdrop in Ribbed pattern, Plum color.


  • Lozenge, 14.5″ OAH x 2.25″ wide
  • Onion, 9″ OAH x 5.25″ wide
  • Globe, 13″ OAH x 4.25″ wide
  • Small Gumdrop, 11.75″ OAH x 4.5″ wide
  • Large Gumdrop, 12.25″ OAH x 5″ wide
  • 3″ diameter foot

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