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A Starburst is Born

A lot goes into making our Starburst Decanter.

First, using hand-pulled glass cane, we roll up a handful of striped pieces a day:

You may be familiar with some of them: Ribbon Cups, Chance Vases, and Globes of literally all stripes.

Of course we save all of the off-cuts.  A good artisan knows that nothing truly goes to waste!

After a few years, we have a blooming collection of rosette cut offs…which we affectionately call “starbursts”

The starbursts are then arranged on a ceramic plate, fused together, and rolled up to create a brand new pattern, born from hours of work put in by glassblowers and assistants over years of projects

The new starburst pattern can then be worked into one-of-a-kind vases or decanters.

And with the way they fly off the website, maybe we should change the name from “Starburst” to “Shooting Star”. See if you can catch one here