Lucia Chandelier

Seven glass lights in a mixture of shapes, artfully hang from a rectangular canopy


Onion, Barrel and Globe shape diffusers in Wrap pattern in Plum, Sargasso, and Grey, with Black Oxide finish and Black Cord


  • Standard: Diffuser patterns in Twist, Ribbed, Lustre, Primavera, Ombre Primavera, Licorice Stick, Stripe, Lace, or Smooth pattern
  • Diffuser shapes: Onion, Canister, Pillow, Globe, Fishbowl, Enoki, Dimpled, or Barrel
  • 48″ OAH, but may be specified at any length
  • Pendant cord can be field cut
  • Cord available in silver or black vinyl, or cloth covered in bronze, copper, gold, black, or pewter
  • 12″ deep x 37″ wide  x 1.25″ high canopy
  • 60 watt candelabra-based sockets

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