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Jewel Box System by Tracy Glover
Suspended Jewels by Tracy Glover
ICFF Tracy Glover Suspended Jewels
Room Divider Suspended Jewels

(Pawtucket, Rhode Island, 4 May, 2011 -- ) Rhode Island-based glass artist Tracy Glover is set to premiere the Jewel Box collection at the forthcoming International Contemporary Furniture Fair. Jewel Box is a customizable system of handblown glass components that can function as pendant lighting, wall decoration, space divider, window treatment or semi-privacy device. Available through design professionals and selected retailers, Jewel Box is intended for hospitality, contract or residential applications.

The collection comprises glass elements (“jewels”) in a choice of six shapes, five patterns, and a multiplicity of color combinations, strung on chain or cable. The shapes (Lozenge, Onion, Marquise, Oval, Globe, Tear Drop) are handblown to order in any size up to 7” diameter and 12” long. The patterns (Ribbed, Stripe, Ostrich, Lace, Primavera) are available in eleven colorways, and fifteen solid colors. Chain is offered in Brushed Nickel or Brushed Brass finish; cable is stainless steel. Applications include:

  • Wall decoration or backdrop: Individual strands aligned linearly and wall-mounted, or suspended from ceiling.
  • Room or space divider. Individual strands tensioned floor to ceiling, suspended from ceiling, or tensioned within a frame on casters.
  • Pendant lighting fixture. Individual strands suspended from a ceiling canopy (choice of circular or elliptical canopy, in standard or custom sizes) lit by a recessed halogen source.
  • Window treatment. Individual strands mounted in front of sandblasted glass and backlit.
  • Customized installation of individual strands.


Tracy was an architecture student at Virginia Tech when first mesmerized by a glassblower’s photo in a RISD catalogue. Soon she had applied for a transfer and moved to Providence for the glass BFA that would change her life. She has honed her craft in such diverse locales as a 13th century Belgian convent’s crystal factory and Dale Chihuly’s renowned Pilchuck Glass School, where she was mentored by Venetian maestri-in-residence. She founded her studio in 1994. Every piece is made to order; Tracy is the sole designer. She and her assistants blow the glass onsite before assembling the components into finished commissioned pieces.

READER INFO: or 401-724-1100

PRESS INFO: or 212-873-4687

Jewel Box applications as room divider (top and lower left), pendant lighting (center and lower right), and pendant installation (bottom center).

Tracy Glover

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